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Thursday, July 12, 2012

It's that time of year again

On the right, seven bales of "sheep & Larry" hay;
in the middle, the remaining certified weed-free hay for horse-camping;
on the far right, a small stack of valley hay
Our hay supply is dwindling and it's time to fill the barn with fresh stuff. One of the rare local producers who irrigates to get second and third cuttings of orchard grass and alfalfa called this evening to say he has 54 bales of second cutting orchard grass and a ton of second cutting alfalfa. It's considerably more expensive than plain ol' valley grass hay, but also has far more nutritive value, so we'll take it. With the alfalfa, we can get by with the balance in valley hay for the horses. The sheep do best on third cutting orchard grass; hopefully we can get several tons of that from the same producer later.

Now to finish cleaning out the camper and get it off-loaded so we can haul hay with our pick-up!

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