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Monday, April 22, 2013

Moanin' and groanin'

I did ride Lance yesterday, using Laura's saddle with the Corrector and front shims. My back could tolerate it with that slight adjustment of balance as long as I stayed very conscious and careful of my position.

Since I wanted to ride down the road, I grabbed an EasyBoot to see if it would fit. Baaad idea. EasyBoots are a bit challenging to get on and off at the best of times; combined with Lance's impatience and my bad back, we ended up in a three-way wrestling match. I finally got it off again (it wasn't on correctly and I knew I couldn't manage a second boot) and we had a lovely outing down the road and through a blooming cherry orchard, ending with a little trot and canter work in the arena to further test the saddle.

Unfortunately, I was 'greeted' by a lump when I pulled the saddle off; moan.
Interestingly, it was more to the left this time; before it was on the right
And my back is worse again; groan.


thecrazysheeplady said...

This is so weird!

TBDancer said...

Speaking as one who has muscle spasms in the lower back from time to time (the fetal position in bed is my friend), lemme offer this bit of advice: Take it easy. See a doctor. Get a massage. Try those heating strips. Do WHATEVER you need to do to fix the problem (or avoid the problem) because this could happen at a show or something. Not recommended.

As for Easy Boots, I have one, also and have never used it. They must have been invented by someone who knows NOTHING about horses or "hoof boot application" engineering. Not sure why they are so popular, but they remind me of bell boots that don't have velcro openings--they supposedly stretch at the top to pull over the hoof. (THEY don't work easily, either).

Michelle said...

The good news is that I rode again yesterday and I think it actually HELPED my back! Lance, unfortunately, got a lump again, even though I used the sheepskin numnah instead of the Corrector. I think we are dealing with an injury of unknown origin that is aggravated by any tack on his back. Hopefully, shockwave therapy will do its work (Lance is due for two more treatments).

Shula said...

We had a horse at our barn that had some lumps exactly like that. I can't remember what the vet said and how they treated them (I think they were injected). I can find out if you want? Are they hard or soft lumps? Either way they do look very similar.

Michelle said...

Yes, I would like to hear what the vet said about the horse at your barn; the more info, the better! I would say the lump is firm, and goes away after a few hours.

Shula said...

The bumps were injected with steroids - it got better but they were still there. They went away completely when I got my jump saddle and my dressage saddle re flocked, plus I got a super plush Mattes half pad and beefier saddle pads. I'm really careful to keep her stuff clean and spend a little more on performance saddle pads. Bump free for the past 2 years.

The above is the answer I received. I will add that I completely loved my Black Country saddle until I changed to only dressage and now ride in and Adam Ellis instead. Hope some of this helps.