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Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Boot dilemma

The chipping was from not using boots on our last day of camping 
As I mentioned in my post about our camping trip, the Cavallo Simple Boots rubbed on Lance's hoof walls. I emailed the photos above to Cavallo to report the problem, and to their credit they gave me a return authorization number so I can return them to Valley Vet for full credit. Valley Vet said they would have taken them back for full credit as well, even though they are used and I've had them longer than the 30 days stated in their return policy. Kudos for good customer service from both companies!

The question is: Now what – and when? We have another horse-camping trip coming up over Labor Day weekend. I would like to stick with hoof boots for trail riding if I can find some I'm happy with, because they are less expensive in the long run and better for Lance's feet. But all the hoof boots I've looked at are supposed to be measured for right after trimming. Lance was trimmed July 23, and doesn't have another pedicure scheduled until September 17. I did measure his front feet this weekend anyway, and he is between sizes on the two kinds of boots I'm most drawn to. Do I dare risk ordering boots based on his current size? If I don't, Lance won't have front foot protection for our next camping trip.

In the running after much research: Renegade Hoof Boots and Easyboot Gloves. Both look to have the least chance of rubbing on hair or hoof, the best chance of staying on and wearing well (both have size options for round feet like Lance's), and are lightweight (important because weight affects footfall which affects soundness). A couple horses in our camping group sported Renegades, and the owner has been very happy with them. The Gloves are less expensive, and you can order a Fit Kit to ensure proper sizing before investing in the boots themselves, but their fit is less forgiving and would require near-constant hoof maintenance.

So today I ordered a pair of Renegades, which should be here in time to test before our Labor Day weekend trip. Decision made, I feel more settled now. Just crossing fingers and hooves that they will work well for Lance! Off to school my pony now....


thecrazysheeplady said...

Good customer service like that can be hard to find these days. Kudos to both companies!

Marie said...

I have used the Renegades with my horses and am very happy with them. Each year we go on a week long trail ride in the Ozark 'mountains' and they hold up well. Our horses are conditioned well before the ride and our boots last about 2 years. I think you will really like them.

Theresa said...

Good luck with the new boots. They certainly look like serious equipment. I so rarely use boots these days and when I did it was on the trail. They have come a far ways in the last number of years in design. Makes my Old Macs look like relics from the turn of the century...oh wait, they are! ;)

Briana said...

You'll have to let us know how it goes! I've heard good things about the Renegades--hope they work out for Lance!

Paradise Found Farmgirl said...

I have used Easy Boot Epics with gaiters on both my Percheron (size 6) and Driving pony (size 00) I have never experienced that kind of rubbing as you have shown from your pictures. I do have to add inserts to my pony's boots when he wears them just after a trim, but other than that they are wonderful.
Good Luck!
Heather in PA