To ride dressage is to dance with your horse, equal partners in the delicate and sometimes difficult work of creating harmony and beauty.

Thursday, November 7, 2013

Kinda like Double Dutch

Today is one of those changeable weather days that illustrates the quip, "If you don't like the weather, wait a minute." Sprinkles? Deluge? Sunshine? Wind? We have it all!

It started out pretty wet, and I could feel the agitation rising. I try my best not to have more than two "off" days between rides in order to keep Lance (and me, too) sound in mind and body, and it looked like the weather was going to make it three "off" days. But then the sun came out . . . when I was in the middle of something, of course. I finally got my breeches on and headed to the barn, keeping my eye on the W/SW sky and hoping I hadn't wasted my window. Trying to get in rides during our wet season feels a lot like playing Double Dutch jump-rope; timing is everything and the weather is a tricky turner!

We were on the tail-end of our warm-up when it started to sprinkle a little. No matter; we aren't made of sugar. (I'm like that with walking and jogging, too. I won't start out when it's raining, but if I'm already underway, I figure I might as well keep on trucking.)

We started working on canter. Got some really nice trot-canter departs, and Lance's canter was much more forward than usual; it was awesome! Walk-canter departs were much rougher, but by then, the wind and rain were picking up and I think both of us were distracted by the conditions. We finally made a dash through the arena gate, around the corner and into the barn aisle, me still in the saddle to keep it as dry as possible:

The only dry spot on Lance's body was under the saddle pad; the only dry spot on me was where I had been in contact with the saddle. I'm not sure we actually worked long enough to qualify as a schooling session, but that's the way it goes!


Laura said...

If you got good responses, it qualifies. Any work, no matter how little qualifies! You're much more committed than I am, where weather is concerned - I'm a wimp!

A :-) said...

It's getting colder here now. I'm wearing my winter coats/jackets now pretty much all the time.

A :-) said...

It's getting colder here now. I'm wearing my winter coats/jackets now pretty much all the time.

Mary said...

Years ago we had an extended cold snap with snow and ice making outside impossible. I worked my Arabian gelding in the barn aisle (from the ground). He got really good at haunch turns.