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Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Covering and cantering

It's been chilly here, the dampness making it feel even colder than it is. Lance has been wearing Russell's old stable blanket; maybe he won't get quite so woolly that way. I know he can keep himself warm, protected from the rain as he is by his covered quarters, but I'd rather he spend his calories rebuilding his physique than generating heat. He hasn't been messing with the blanket at all, so I think he must appreciate it for now.

The number of blanket and sheet repairs I've paid for, Alanna's positive review, and an internet special prompted me to purchase a turnout sheet from SmartPak that has a 10-year guarantee against damage. It arrived yesterday, and I tried it on Lance today. I got an 84" because I have an 81" that is a bit too small for Lance, but I'm thinking an 81" in this brand would fit him better. What do you think?
It seems to be very well made, with excellent features. I'm hoping the high neck will keep Lance from rubbing out his mane!

As for me, Polarfleece breeches and wool socks keep me warm during our rides; that, and something to cover my ears. We tootled around in the arena this afternoon; I asked for a couple canter departs each direction just as a reminder to us both, and was pleased with Lance's response. But mostly we walk, and it is enough for now.


Alanna M. said...

Oh...I love the high neck version of this blanket. Roz may need one next year (and next time they are on sale for 30% off). It's hard to say on the size...3" smaller may be snug. Although after a second look at the photos you might be okay with an 81". He's a big boy!

sylkan said...

I'd go with 81 inch. Haunches flaring out when too big just lets drafts in. I think that blanket must run large. I like the high necks but they tend to accordion back toward withers after a while.

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