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Monday, August 29, 2016

So much for summer!

My son started high school today – boy, does that sound strange! And with the start of school comes the unofficial stop of summer. Sigh; my summer whizzed by without a beach ride or a Perrydale Trails outing, and only one lesson with Julie. Just getting out on a short trail ride has been hard enough to squeeze in; I managed ONE ride last week. But as always, I'm thankful for each one.

Today's ride was wonderful. We went down through the woods, taking a path down to a little frog pond. It's been quite awhile since we've been there; the last time it was muddy and slick. This time the footing was solid, and a mown trail continued past the pond and connected to a path I haven't ridden in years because it had become overgrown, making a nice, little loop.

Cooler weather has arrived and we even have a decent chance of some rain on Wednesday. I'm looking forward to schooling in the arena along with our wooded excursions. It's not too late for more lessons from Julie, a beach ride, and maybe even a Perrydale Trails outing!


emma said...

So long summer! Personally I'm quite ready for fall haha. Tho those trails do look mighty wonderful!

Theresa said...

A lovely trail and such a pretty boy to ride down there. I'm not going to miss summer one bit.

Michelle said...

Don't misunderstand me, Emma and Theresa; summer is my LEAST favorite season. But with Brian working for his dad, I DID expect to fit in more off-the-hill excursions with my mustang man and that just didn't happen. Not sure if fitting anything in during the school year is going to work; we'll see how the dust settles. It's been a hectic start!

Mary said...

Pretty ride! I cannot wait for cooler weather.