To ride dressage is to dance with your horse, equal partners in the delicate and sometimes difficult work of creating harmony and beauty.

Thursday, September 29, 2016

Looking back and looking forward

And just plain looking!

Lance and I had another great lesson with Julie on September 21 — after Lance spooked himself in the arena mirrors. No, they aren't new, he's just never taken notice of them before. Fortunately I had my iPhone in my pocket, so I could take advantage of the photo opp. I might just have to have one of these made into a print and framed. :-)

Lance often offers some light steps when I first pick up the reins, anticipating trot or canter. So when Julie asked what I wanted to work on, I joked, “Maybe we should try passage!" She said she was thinking the same thing – and off we went! I like Julie's philosophy; she wants passage to be play rather than work for the horse, so we just encouraged some rhythmic steps when he offered energy and lightness and gave him lots of praise for his efforts. Julie thinks he'll be a quick study and I'm thrilled. It has been a long, long time (14 years!) since I had an FEI partner and I miss the fun of dancing with an equine partner at that level.

Once Lance lost interest in expending that much effort, Julie focused her attention on me. Her mission: to help me keep a consistent contact on the reins and to use my inside seat bone properly. It may sound mundane compared to passage, but what a big difference those two things made in Lance's way of going and our connection with one another.

This week I got an email reminder about a League show at the end of October. Thinking of trying out Second Level, I looked into it, but only Intro through First Level tests are offered. Still, I might sign up for the same two First Level tests we showed in February just to see what progress we've made in eight months. Hmmm; I wonder if Kate would be interested in going, too....

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emma said...

Oooh what fun to get lance to play with passage!