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Tuesday, June 20, 2017

All kinds of progress

The other day I turned the horses out, then had to pause and admire my horse. He has put on weight and is actually looking hunky again!   ;-)
He looks a bit musty/dusty here, and downright moth-eaten in the right light. He has grown enough new hair that you can't really see where his sides were shaved, but he still has some old winter hair plus "dandruff." To be fair, he looks better after grooming, but Oliver is summer-sleek even without the application of a brush.
 It would help if Lance didn't do this:
Scratch, scratch; rub, rub.
See the hair piling up on the ground below him?
Look at it ON him!

That evening I groomed him thoroughly and we went for my favorite ride through the woods. The last time we rode this I told myself would BE the last; the weeds have been growing so fast and thick. This time truly WAS the last of the season, though.

Not only did the weeds almost make the "path" impassable, the bugs were ferocious – and they preferred horseflesh. :-/
The track comes out of the woods at the edge of this beautiful, secluded field. I would love to ride the whole perimeter, but I don't know who owns this land and don't want to trespass. Someday I'll find out and ask permission . . . if the track is ever cleared.

We are also taking steps to ameliorate the allergens to which the horses are exposed. I shopped online for hay steamers, and came across this website. Inspired, I gave Rick a materials list when he went to Lowe's Sunday to fix our pressure tank. He grumbled about it, but brought home everything but the wallpaper steamer, which wasn't available.
Today he took that tub back and came back with one that seals better and has wheels and a handle. It's also deeper; cool beans!
He and Brian also worked on fixing the leaks in the barn roof.

This evening when I headed out for a ride, Brian asked if he could go, too. Really?!? Usually it's me doing the asking, to no avail. It's been a long time since my boy and I have ridden together – probably a year ago at Cowboy Campmeeting! We didn't ride long; but the quality more than made up for quantity.

What a way to end the day!


Theresa said...

Okay, can't wait to see the hay steamer at work. How nice to have the teenager out on a horse. He sure has gotten tall. Not too long ago I remember him and pony Breezy. Sigh, seems ages ago doesn't it? Quite the improvement Lance is showing. Pretty soon he'll be a fat hairy goober. ;-)

Mary said...

Beautiful places to ride...some amount of envy here as I dry all the sweat built up from being outside. :-)

Lance looks wonderful...I will need to read backwards to see what happened. Allergies?