To ride dressage is to dance with your horse, equal partners in the delicate and sometimes difficult work of creating harmony and beauty.

Sunday, February 10, 2019

Monthly check-in

In case anyone else still checks in here!

Lance and I are still a couple, comfortable with each other and our routine, like old married people – ha! His weight is good; he's coughing a bit more probably because of the smoke from our wood-burner and others. We're still exercising, schooling, taking in sunsets (above); although this weekend the weather has us mothballed. We've had some snow and rain and snow and freezing, so although I have cold-weather riding gear, the ground is now too slick and hard. I just went down to saddle up, and found it isn't even safe to try and lead Lance out of the barn.

But we have had some nice weather for riding, although it is too dry for winter here.

I haven't yet entered our ODS chapter's League show. It's coming up on the last weekend of this month; I have until the 15th to decide. I did look up the new dressage tests, and think that the Second Level tests are well within our skill set, if I can manage Lance's energy effectively. Still waffling....

Late last month I was thinking about my client with the handsome dapple gray OTTB, so I emailed her. I was stunned when she emailed me back that she had to have him euthanized on Christmas Eve due to surgery complications. Since then, she has purchased another OTTB; I look forward to meeting him someday.

My New Year's Day riding buddy is still recovering from her accident. Her clavicle isn't healing so she'll need surgery for that, but she also has pneumothorax that must resolve itself first.

You just never know what life is going to throw at you; all we can do is make the most of each day!


sylkan said...

Yes, Dances With Horses still has at least one follower. Bum news about Kate facing surgery when she is healed enough in the other broken places. Yikes, so scary what can happen in the blink of an eye. I hope we do see you and Lance at Bears. I plan to be there helping on both show days as well as Friday night set up. Too bad we don't have the wooly horse contest this year. Lance looks like he might be a contender. Love your winter riding apparel, so chic.

Michelle said...

Sylvia, when I realized it was a week earlier than I thought, it was a deal-breaker. Brian will be gone the following weekend, so it would have been easier to get away, as well as a week longer to prepare. Hope to see you at the meeting!

Mary said...

Glad to see you here, and to know that you and Lance are still partners. Nick and I are enjoying the cooler weather and doing our usual routine. One day turnout with the boys, one day round pen/liberty, some lunging, one arena ride, and the rest trail. Hope your friend recovers quickly!