To ride dressage is to dance with your horse, equal partners in the delicate and sometimes difficult work of creating harmony and beauty.

Monday, January 30, 2012

The old man

Docs Sam Peppy, otherwise known as Sammy (or Beans), is Rick's old cutting horse. He is looking pretty tough but is still alert and enjoys life, so who knows how long he'll be around.

My horse activities lately have consisted of . . . doing chores. Oh, and I did go look at a couple of fillies owned by the breeder of the Morgan I once owned. Too much doubt on my part to go there - doubt about how big they would get and their aptitude for dressage; whether I want to deal with a mare; whether I have the time to start a youngster when I'm homeschooling my own youngster. For now I'm pursuing the lease of the horse pictured here; if the owner and I can come up with a lease contract agreeable to us both, I'm hoping to pick him up on February 12. That would be my first opportunity, because my sister just had her first baby and I'm utilizing a free ticket we have to fly to Texas and meet my nephew!


Laura said...

I think Larry would be a good "transition" horse. One you can work with and improve, keeping your skills sharp, but one you don't have a ton invested in (other than hay...).

Have fun with your sis - take pictures of the duck feet installed on your nephew!!

Theresa said...

I bet the old man was something in his day. And you're right, who knows how long they'll be with us. It's funny how even though the world sees a skin and bones, cloudy eyes we still see the them wearing bits of their prime upon the brow, a look, a cock of an ear, a toss of the head or a swish of the tail.

Good luck with Larry and oh my, what a cute nephew!
Congrats to all.