To ride dressage is to dance with your horse, equal partners in the delicate and sometimes difficult work of creating harmony and beauty.

Sunday, January 8, 2012


As soon as I hit "Publish Post" I'm headed out for a brisk walk in the cold fog and then I'll ride Breezy. I have to admit that seeing how big I looked on her in the New Year's Day photo uninspired me, but the desire to preserve riding-muscle memory overrides my lack of inspiration.

Today, I think my friend Laura found a dancing partner after a string of unsuitable horses. I am thrilled for her . . . and trying (not very successfully) to fight feeling sorry for myself. Patience is a virtue that I apparently need, because it is only developed by practicing it! I have spent some time perusing sales sites and exchanging emails on various horses, but am not at liberty to act on any interest I may have (for reasons I am not free to disclose). It's probably just as well. I have a very limited budget and cold feet about spending it. Things are tight enough right now that my "horse money" may need to be available as an emergency fund for something else.

BTW, I've added a link at right to an article I ran across that expresses many of my own thoughts on "Natural Horsemanship." Let's hear it for GOOD horsemanship!


Marie said...

Sure wish you were closer. I would have a great prospect for you. A nine year old Arab gelding with good bone, beautiful movement and a good mind. Unfortunately, I just don't have time for him, but can bring myself to put him on the market with the way the market is these days. So he is just a pasture ornament. Maybe some day I will get him truely ridable and find him a great dressage home.

Interesting link on NH. Although I do not agree on his positive comment about Pat Parreli. I have seen MANY of his horses very unhappy.

But GOOD horsemanship is a must.

Hope you find a dance partner soon.

Michelle said...

I don't have the most positive experiences with Parelli, either, Marie. Too many other good things in his article not to post it, though!

Thanks for your good wishes. I'm feeling pretty bereft these days....

Cheyenne said...

Hi Michelle!, sorry havent been around for a while, been having major computer probs!!
Read the link. My thoughts exactly!

I bought a book years ago, called "Western Horse Behaviour and Training" By Dr R Millar, the same mentioned in the link.
I have used it, with some changes, for all my horses, I have nothing but praise for that man. I have studded PP, and Clinton, Monty and others.
I still hark back to Millar. Jeffreys is brilliant. Dorrance too.
I often think that the mighty $ has a big influence.
I start my horses with a long term view, get them young and your on your way to setting the rules early. I have made mistakes, but none that couldnt be rectified!
I am in favour of NH, but applied correctly.

A :-) said...

Michelle - you didn't look big in the photo - you were on a PONY!