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Tuesday, January 15, 2013


Actually, that would be a "tackroom horse"

Lance would probably walk right into our tackroom if I asked him to; his foot was on the threshold when I took this photo. Not that I would; there's not enough room! His lack of fear makes it easy to stow my helmet, saddle and whip at the end of our rides, though.

By today the arena footing had finally thawed enough to do more than walk. I don't know if it was the increased traction, changing weather patterns or just youthful exuberance that made Lance practice his high-flying airs above the ground on the end of the reins as I hand-walked him prior to mounting. Too bad I haven't gotten his acrobatics on video; they are quite impressive! When I finally did get on he minded his manners, but I didn't push my luck beyond some trot work.

So. I've had a vague but niggling concern about Lance's right hind for awhile now. There isn't much to go on; the main thing I can point to is that he rests it more often than the left hind. He has also stumbled in the back end a few times under saddle, and while I haven't caught which foot misstepped, I'm suspicious. There's no heat, no swelling, no limping. I know my worry threshold is very low with this horse, given the results of his pre-purchase exam and my history with Russell. But still, there's something...I think. Tonight after untacking him, I ran my hands down both hind legs, comparing. Just beneath his right hock on the outside of the cannon bone I felt a little difference – and he reacted quickly when I made contact. I called my vet (Rick has meetings tonight and isn't home yet) and told him I need some diagnostic work done; I'm sure he's just thrilled. I hope he can do it soon – like tomorrow. Lance needs to get out regularly for his mental health, but if there's something wrong I sure don't want to exacerbate it!


Laura said...

Uh Oh... I hope it's minor. He's such a wonderful boy. It would not be fair for him to have a problem at this point. Though, what better hands for him to be in than yours, I guess!

Crossing fingers, toes, eyes (makes it hard to type...) for good outcome!

Michelle said...

Lance wasn't reactive at all when I had Rick feel the area I found, and Rick said it was just an old skin scar, and a small one at that. He will do flexion tests when he can, but probably not today. I could just be paranoid . . . horses often do rest one foot more than the other . . . .

fiberjoy said...

Here's hoping and praying that you're just being hyper-cautious and reading more than what's happening - that there's no underlying physical problem. It seems most horses I've been around favor leaning their weight on one side over the other - sort of a offside, nearside thing that's also noticed with a tracking preference. Most people do too. :)

Michelle said...

I think he's okay and I was just being paranoid. :-)