To ride dressage is to dance with your horse, equal partners in the delicate and sometimes difficult work of creating harmony and beauty.

Friday, May 24, 2013

Wet, windblown, and well worth it!

Sometimes I forget just how out of sorts a lack of saddle time makes me feel. Today I got to ride Lance, and it is amazing how much better things have seemed since!

After getting my son through most of his homeschooling subjects, I announced I was going for a ride and invited my son to go with me. He wasn't interested in riding his pony, but he did want to go down the hill to an old, blocked off logging track with me if he could ride his bike. Fine by me as long as he was willing to listen (for safety all around). The rain had held off all morning, but by the time we headed to the barn it was sprinkling. No matter; we wouldn't melt, right? Well, it turns out Lance doesn't like working in the rain any more than Russell did. Instead of constantly shaking his head, though, Lance expressed his opinion by trying to stop and turn around. Fortunately it didn't shower on us the whole time, and I was able to keep him headed in the right direction.

After being cooped up since Monday night, Lance was on edge. Remembering just how high he could jump when I hand-walked him during his convalescence, I rode ve-e-ery carefully, giving him lots to think about. We leg-yielded side to side, went straight in shoulder-in, and turned in a few tight circles. Aside from a few minor spooks, he was wonderful and brave, even managing to pass a big, gaping "bear den" (a 3'x20' metal culvert lying on the ground) beside the trail! Hopefully Lance enjoyed getting out as much as I did. :-)


Alanna said...

Oh, that looks fun. I'm planning to hop on Roz this weekend. The first time in 5 weeks!

Mary said...

I absolutely love riding with someone on a bike. Woodrow is totally in disagreement with me on this but I'm hoping Nick will be a good trail buddy with a biking friend.

Mary Ann said...

Lookat Briango!!!!!!!!!

Briana said...

Aw love the ear pics. :) I'm so missing my regular saddle time--amazing what a difference it makes!