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Monday, September 16, 2013

State Fair proofs, bullet points

If you'd like to see them on the photographer's website, follow these steps. (Note that each step may load slowly.)

Go to (that's a hot link to make the first step easy).

Click on the bar in the upper left of your screen labeled "Proofs–Events/Shows."

Click on the dark purple type that says "I Agree To The Above Information - Take me to my Proofs" (the line under the paragraph in red).

Click on the year 2013.

Click on the Oregon State Fair - Aug 23 - Sep 1 - Salem OR.

Click on Entry Number/Name.

Click on Mustang.

Click on 416 = Michelle McMillen – and there we are!



  • Our horses have not seemed to miss old Sammy at all; it's kind of strange. We do, of course.
  • The farrier comes to give everyone trims tomorrow; Lance's front boots should fit after that, making road rides more attractive.
  • Lately Lance has been unhappy about right lead canter departs like he was when we had obvious saddle fit issues.    :-( 
  • I have a lesson scheduled with Julie this Wednesday. I may use my old Wintec saddle.
  • The weather has changed abruptly to Fall.


Theresa said...

Michelle, You two looked wonderful in all the events. He sure cleans up nice and so do you! ;)
Thanks for the comment about Ben, I know you have had a lot going on in your realm too. What a fall this is turning into huh? Prayers go both ways, and am sending a full share your way too.

sylkan said...

Thanks for the photo link instructions. Looks like you got a good'un in the making. I particularly liked the photo of you bending Lance around the cone.

I think your horses are OK with Sammy's demise because they knew ahead of time (probably before you & Rick knew for sure) that is was, indeed, time. I think they worry a lot more if they didn't see it coming.

Hang in there.

Michelle said...

Thanks for the compliments and the prayers, Theresa, and keep us posted on Ben.

Michelle said...

That's one of my favorite shots, too, Sylvia! And your reasoning about the horses' non-reaction makes perfect sense.

Anonymous said...

Great shots Michelle, you both looked great out there! thanks for sharing them with us...