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Tuesday, June 24, 2014

A perfect day at Perrydale Trails

Yesterday members of our Christian trail riders club plus invited friends met for a group ride at Perrydale Trails (PT). My friend Kate brought Lance's friend Dinah, the beautiful dark bay in the first photo.

Some new elements have been added since Lance's and my first visit there last year. There was an elk and wild turkey hunting dummies in addition to the buck that was there last year. Lance hardly looked at the turkeys; after eyeballing the elk, he walked up and touched noses with it, just like he had with the deer.

Another new element was this hanging "screen" consisting of long, rigid (read noisy) plastic pieces. I got Lance to walk between the screen and one of the trees; walking through the screen was more than he was willing to try.

The water crossing is functional now, and Lance did well with that – in other words, he went through without laying down! heh

The funniest thing to me was conquering the tires. Last year Lance did not want to step up on them. This year, he not only stepped up on them without hesitation, he wanted to stay there with his front feet up and look around! I don't know if it shifted the saddle back to a more comfortable position or just made him feel like king of the hill, but it happened three or four times and got a lot of laughs from those watching.

Dinah conquered the tire on her first visit to PT. Show-off.

The owner of PT took photos as well, which is why I've been waiting to post this. But I have more posts waiting in the wings, so maybe I'll just do a Part Deux to this one when she finally sends me her photos. Onward and forward!


Mary said...

This looks like such fun!

shelly hancock said...

Lance sure looks like he *feels* like king of the hill!