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Tuesday, July 22, 2014

"Don't look, Ethyl!"

How to Shock the Neighbors

Lance's peep show
Just because Lance is on stall rest doesn't mean all is quiet on the Western front. Oh my, no.

Breezy is in heat. She's a mare; it happens. But for some reason, for the first time in their several years as herd mates, Rick's middle-aged gelding Oliver has decided he is capable of doing something about that. Cue the squealing . . . every so often . . . all day long. Are they just trying to provide perverse entertainment for poor, locked-up Lance? He's certainly getting an eyeful! And I'm getting an earful through the open windows. Ugh.
Too x-rated for Lance; as you can see, he's disappeared!

I just came back in from putting Breezy back in her stall. I was worried that the constant mounting – from all directions – could be hard on the old girl. Ah, quietude!


Laura said...

Ollie - you studly man you! Who'd a thunk...

Unknown said...

Feeling his oats, as the saying goes?