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Monday, January 19, 2015

One out of two ain't bad was wonderful!

Kate and I talked about Sunday all last week. Our lofty goal was to haul somewhere to ride again, and then swap horses – or at the least swap horses if the wet forecast held true. Why swap? Kate has asked me to take Dinah in for training while she is dealing with surgery and recovery. Knowing that our three stalls are occupied and Lance is the only horse getting any regular use here, she suggested that Breezy and Dinah swap places. That sounded logical to me . . . but not to my DH. Breezy might need more treatment, he said; he needs to keep an eye on her. Well, how about swapping out Ollie, says I; no one rides him, either. Rick balked at that, too. I don't get it, but I have to let it go as he doesn't respond well to pressure.

Back to the forecast. It rained – a lot – all day Saturday, and Sunday was supposed to be more of the same and started out that way. Before noon, there was a break in the clouds; maybe I'd at least get a ride in at home, splashing through the puddles in our arena. I decided to re-check the forecast. To my surprise, Lincoln City (our closest coastal destination) didn't look too bad! With my DH's blessing (bless him!) I texted Kate, loaded Lance and tack, and headed out.

After minimal fuss, Dinah loaded up (she's a smart girl). It was pouring at Kate's; it rained off and on as we drove westward. But lo and behold, it wasn't raining at the beach!

We had an absolutely lovely time with each other and our good ponies. As we untacked, it started to sprinkle. Let it rain; we got our beach ride!


Anonymous said...

So glad you were able to ride at the beach and enjoy the unexpectedly beautiful day there!

Mare said...

Haha the perils of being married to a equine vet?

Love the pics!

Mary said...

ohhh, beach riding...the best!