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Thursday, January 15, 2015

Those temperamental models

Gotta be the cutest, most kissable lips in horsedom!
You know how they can be – suavely working the camera one minute, then pitching a temper tantrum and demanding better working conditions the next. Ha!

Last Sunday, Kate had a present for Lance. (She spoils us!) Yesterday morning I finally unpackaged Lance's new feed ball, filled it with TACO, and gave it to him. At first he was mildly curious, then he smelled food and tried to get his very agile lips into the loading hole.
Hopefully it will help keep my busy boy entertained!

I also did a little shopping for Lance myself. I've long had a yen for a quarter sheet, but since we don't often get the kind of frigid weather they're designed for, I haven't been willing to spend the $$. Recently I found a clearance quarter sheet in a size small for a steal of a deal and decided to take a chance that it would fit.
Ta-da; it does! It is really nice, too, fleecy and warm and very well-made. I don't know if Lance will care one way or the other, but I know I'll appreciate it; my thighs are the one region that gets chilled when it's cold.
Now the "modeling backstory." Even though I rode Tuesday, Lance was quite frisky yesterday when I led him out to the arena to ride. I put the quarter sheet on him, stepped back to take a picture – and off he rocketed! The quarter sheep came off with the first big buck (thankfully; didn't need him to get tangled in it or tear it up), but the antics continued for quite some time.
Mr. Hot Stuff

He finally consented to trot up to me to be caught and go to work; he was a much more cooperative model after our schooling session. ;-)


Alanna M. said...

The ball is cool! I've seen them before and I think Emi would love one.

Theresa said...

Oh boy I know a horse that would love that ball. Mary are you reading this post? Do you sew at all Michelle, because I know of a company who has patterns for all things horse.
Lance looks quite handsome. At one point in our saddle fitting journey I had to get Cooper use to a crupper. It was an interesting session in the round pen the first time and even more interesting on the trail the first time that piece of equipment did it's job.
Lance would likely like Nag Bags too. Mine certainly do.