To ride dressage is to dance with your horse, equal partners in the delicate and sometimes difficult work of creating harmony and beauty.

Saturday, March 7, 2015


Sir Lancelot is not longer Sir Pants-a-lot; I am happy to report that his breathing is back to normal. We tried a variety of things – anti-inflammatory, broncho-dialator, steroid – without noticeable improvement. What seems to have turned him around is the immune stimulant Rick gave him Wednesday night. That's good news as it seems to indicate an infectious agent rather than allergies, which can be tough to manage and can lead to permanent difficulties.

Lance has been getting pasture time every day, and we've even gotten three rides in. Since he was feeling even less energetic than usual, I decided it was a good opportunity to ride down our gravel road. The first time we did it, Lance was really good until a couple of yappy little dogs ran out to greet us. That made him "stop, lock, and load," so I dismounted, lead him past the unwelcoming property, then remounted and rode on. When we rode by the place on the way back, Lance went on high alert, but between the virus and the hill we were climbing, I correctly judged that he'd handle the situation better. As we approached the paved road I could see and hear a dump trunk rumbling up to meet us, so I dismounted as it passed in case Lance took exception to it as he has in the past. He stood calmly, I remounted, and we moseyed the rest of the way home.

The second time we went down the road Lance was even better; I didn't dismount once. I was so pleased with my boy; I'm hoping this means we've vanquished the boogeymen he'd decided had moved into the neighborhood.

Friday we did a short school in the arena, working in all three gaits for the first time in over a week – and without coughing at the beginning of trot/canter work in a long time; woohoo!

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