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Wednesday, May 6, 2015

More solid every ride

I'm still riding out and about until we get enough rain to saturate our arena's sand footing; that could be awhile. The good news is that Lance is once again becoming the solid trail horse he used to be, slaying dragons on every outing.

On an early morning ride last weekend, we encountered new dragons who have moved into the neighborhood since our last ride that way:

Although very nervous, Lance managed to hold himself together as we passed their pasture, but was on his tip-toes to the end of the lane and back. By then the steers had moved closer to the road, so I got off to lead Lance by on our return pass. Good thing, too, as the curious creatures came right up to the fence. Time to desensitize!
(I love cows – their big eyes, moist noses, long tongues, curious natures, big hairy ears.... It makes me sad that people kill and eat them.)

This morning we rode that way again, this time with reinforcements in the form of Brian on his bicycle. Lance was still wary, but not as alarmed. Good boy!

In vet news, yesterday morning Rick started Lance on a short-term regimen of dexamethasone to see if that does better at quieting his symptoms. Breezy is still with us, since she seems content and comfortable. And as predicted, Brian got over his intense interest in riding Ollie....


thecrazysheeplady said...

Glad all is well :-).

Mary Ann said...

Oh, gosh, I have not read the horse blog in so long, I need to read backwards!

Theresa said...

Good news! Way to go Lance. Have you seen Llamas yet? ;-)

Maggie said...

So glad Lance is coming along so well. I love the photos of him and the steers. I love cows too!