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Saturday, June 11, 2016

Entertaining a whim

I can't remember when I heard about ancestral DNA testing for horses, but the idea was instantly appealing. Mustangs can be a mishmash of genetics; Lance's Kiger sire should contribute a recognizable dollop of Spanish blood, but what else is in my big red goober?

One of my fellow dressage chapter members and a friend both had their horses tested and were less than pleased or convinced by the results, so I was prepared to be 'whelmed' rather than wowed. Still, I thought it would be interesting, so I finally got around to pulling the requisite hair samples and mailed them off with my $35 a few weeks ago. The results back today, and I eagerly tore open the envelope.



Are you sure? ;-)

Of the 50 breeds in the reference panel, the breed with the highest probability of being in Lance's ancestry is . . .

Lipizzaner! (Second is Welsh Pony, and third is Mountain Pleasure Horse – I had to look that one up.) Reading Texas A&M's explanatory website was enlightening, and explains how much stock one can put in the results. It was certainly worth $35 to me!

Now, if you'll please excuse me; I'm off to channel the spirit of the Spanish Riding School as I dance with my Lance. :-)
By Machoxx, CC BY-SA 3.0,


Theresa said...

How fun! I sat on an ethics board many years ago at TAMU. It was quiet interesting.
Lance the Lippizzaner!

Mary said...

How appropriate for your dressage horse!

Michelle said...

He certainly has the bone for a Lipizzaner, Theresa. Wow, you've been around!

I know, Mary!

A :-) said...

So. Cool!!

Michelle said...

I thought so, A!