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Wednesday, April 26, 2017

No news isn't terrible news

At least the bilateral shaved spots (for ultrasound) are covered by the saddle pad!

A couple of my faithful readers/commenters have contacted me to ask if I've heard anything yet. Sorry; it took a few days, but the consulting vet (Rick said to tell you she used to be Zenyatta's vet) finally let us know that she didn't think Lance has EMPF based on his lung ultrasound. That's GOOD news, since EMPF is usually fatal. But it is sometimes hard to remember that it is good news, because we are still no closer to turning around Lance's decline. The consulting vet recommended that we add albuterol inhalers 4X a day to the twice-daily oral prednisolone, and so we have.

Lance tolerates this too-small mask that restricts his breathing to a tube filled with medication surprisingly well; after the first treatment I haven't needed the halter. But the treatment hasn't brought about any noticeable improvements in his breathing or energy level. I hate pouring medication into him six times a day, but without it I'm afraid we'd go back to severe heaving. I feel bad about riding him at all, but know that being a "couch potato" would do him even more harm. I guess I need to look at riding him like physical therapy; it may not be fun or easy for either of us, but it's necessary and beneficial.

So that is what's going on here. It's not raining at the moment, so excuse me while I take Lance out for physical therapy....

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Terry said...

Lance is fortunate to be your horse, getting the care that he is. I hope things turn around. And that the rain stops. Sunshine makes everything better.