To ride dressage is to dance with your horse, equal partners in the delicate and sometimes difficult work of creating harmony and beauty.

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

We're still truckin'

What a week we're having, with the warmest days since last September!

I didn't have a chance to ride my boy on Monday, but I did drop off his broken bridle to see if it can be repaired well enough to use for trail-riding. His sheet, which had slipped off Lance's hindquarters and gotten stepped on, was deemed beyond repair. Fortunately Robin had some nice used sheets available and I picked up a replacement for $30. I like to keep a sheet on my horse because it reduces grooming time. Less grooming time = more riding time!

In order to ride yesterday I did it first thing in the morning. My husband and son are not up-and-at-'em types, and I waste a lot of time and energy nearly every morning trying to get a reluctant son going on his chores and school (I've come to accept that motivating my husband is not my job). So yesterday after feeding and watering all the animals, I rode. It worked out great; I may do that again this morning as soon as I post this. Lance clearly enjoys the chance to get out and walk; he nickers and bangs on his stall door on the days he hasn't gotten out.

Rick's still not sure if Lance will be up to showing in May, but I'm holding out hope. Yesterday I emailed the secretary of the Mother's Day show to see if it's filled yet, and told her I was waiting to see if my horse is pronounced sound enough to show. She told me to attach a note and send in my entry; she won't charge me a cancellation fee if I let her know by the closing date. Yay for possibilities and considerate show secretaries!


Mary said...

I hope you can and Lance have surely put in the effort. I rode this morning and the fuzzy boy was cantankerous and looking to rumble. My canter departs were not a thing of beauty :-) but depart he did after some humping and jumping. What a pill.

Piccolopony said...

I've got my fingers crossed for a quick recovery for Lance! I should really blanket my little mostly white horse but I haven't been doing it. Tonight after a good work she rolled in the pasture just as I was leaving and lets just say that my paint had a few more spots than normal :-(

A :-) said...

That is great news!! I hope you do get to go to show in May :-)