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Wednesday, April 30, 2014

How to put this to good use?

This morning when Brian and I went down to do chores, Breezy's stall door was ajar:

Lance had managed to jam the quick link so badly that Rick had to cut it off, so the stall door latches were secured with just the clips and chain. Fortunately that was enough to keep Lance from actually letting himself or Breezy out.

When we got home late this afternoon, I went to toss something in the trash bin outside the garage and spotted this:

The turkey! I headed down to put him back in his stall, and realized he had company:
The chain – both clips attached – was on the barn floor. Fortunately Lance and Breezy hadn't trashed the barn; the grass was the obvious attraction. There was a bit of a mess around the grain bins, but our set-up makes accessing them pretty difficult:

Our barn is kinda funky; it's a two-level affair. When we bought this place, there was a wooden 'room' built out level with the concrete; once upon a time it had been a marijuana grow room. We tore it all out, poured a concrete floor on the lower level, built the stairs and a tack room (the corner is visible on the right side of the photo). Keeping the grain and feed bins on the upper level adds a measure of safety that has become even more important since Lance joined the family!


Mary said...

Busy boy...intelligent, and inventive.

thecrazysheeplady said...

ACK!!! What a clown. And better there than here! ;-)