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Friday, May 23, 2014

One more for the road

This morning a friend sent this photo, taken while horse-camping last August:
Yes, his eyes are closed. :-)
I hope we don't spend this weekend huddled under a tarp while our horses stand out in the rain. It's drizzling here now, but the forecast for the nearest town doesn't look too bad:

Some rain is good; it will keep our pastures green longer. We have three small pastures. I've been using the middle one for our ewes and lambs, but they can't keep up with it so the other day I brought the sheep in and turned the horses out there for a few hours. I took the photo below from our deck; I'm not sure Breezy would have been visible from ground level!

Yesterday I turned the horses into the lower pasture because Rick was moving manure to the garden through the upper pasture and the sheep were in the middle. The grass isn't as tall in the lower pasture because that is our summer sacrifice lot, but it's still green and tasty right now.

I stood there and admired shiny horses for awhile. Both Ollie and Lance have dapples and metallic copper glints in the right light.
I'm looking forward to getting on with my saddle search after we get back from this trip. I'm feeling very encouraged about finding the right one because of all the options available. Suzan has a saddle fitter lined up with a bunch of different saddles to try; a friend has a Schleese available for me to try; and a couple different online shops offer free saddle trials with free shipping. Now if both of the saddles that didn't fit would just sell....

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Kim said...

Wow! Look at that grass. We are just now getting much needed rain so our pastures are SO short. Counting our blessings for our wet Memorial Day weekend! Hope you find a saddle that fits.