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Sunday, September 6, 2015

Mustang Show photos and videos

Lance was interested in his handsome daddy, the copper dun next to him:

But when Lance got impertinent, Dino did squeal at him:
A still shot from the trail class by Kate:

My friends Debbie and Sylvia both took video of our third trail class, where we finally mastered backing through the "L," even though it took a bit to get lined up for it:

And here's a photo of our ribbons and tumblers laid out in more orderly fashion than in my previous photo.

When the show photographer gets his State Fair photos up, I'll see if he got any good ones of us. It looks like his prices are pretty reasonable!


Theresa said...

How fun and great pics. Lance did so well on the trail class, and yeah for getting the back up. Cooper loves that kind of thing BTW, opening gates, backing through those laid out rails. Had he been a better trailer loader I would have loved to have taken him to some of the trail/fun day events, but alas, he got comfortable with the trailer late in life and now we just enjoy moseying down the trails and playing with those skills when we think of it.

emma said...

nice job! he looks so cool and collected in the videos

A :-) said...

I loved seeing these :-) You look fabulous and Lance is pretty much cool as a cucumber - and very handsome. What a spread of ribbons!! Again, congratulations :-) I'm so glad you got to do this.