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Wednesday, September 16, 2015

State of the union address

I'm still waiting for the State Fair photographer to upload his photos.

The browband I bought off eBay arrived yesterday. Not only was it dirty, it was not 17" long as advertised, and won't fit Lance. (The seller says she will refund my money if I return it, so back it goes unless one of you wants it for $30 plus $2.54 shipping.)

I am not handling my life very well right now. So thankful for my mental health mustang; don't know what I'd do without that safety valve! Yesterday afternoon we escaped into the woods for a ride. Winter breeches felt cozy; poison oak added a splash of fall color; a doe who thought she was invisible added comic relief.

I love this view over a hidden valley; we turn around here because the path becomes choked with poison oak and blackberries. Of course, those red ears add to the view immensely. :-)

I was counting on the rain in today's forecast to water the arena and wash away the RoundUp dust and residue (HATE IT when my husband resorts to chemical warfare!), but it hasn't come. Maybe I'll be able to slip out for a short ride in the woods before sundown this evening....


emma said...

what a bummer about the dirty wrong sized crown piece :(

Mary said...

Send the browband back with a ruler marked at 17" :-)