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Monday, September 21, 2015

The silver lining

As Emma said in the comments to my last post, "What a bummer about the dirty wrong-sized [browband]." BUT! There is a silver lining to this story . . . or should I say a crystal embellishment? ;-)

When I bought the used browband on eBay, I thought it would look nice on Lance, but equally important, it didn't break the bank. In my internet searches I had seen lots of head-turning browbands . . . with stomach-turning price points (at least for this frugal horsewoman). So I chose the affordable option, while continuing to casually search to enable a friend who wanted some "bling" for her horse. That's how I stumbled upon DarkJewelDesigns on Etsy. Not only were her designs fancy AND affordable (you get two interchangeable bling strands with each browband), they were available on "EXTRA-Over Sized" (18") browbands, the size that fits my big-brained mustang best. When the eBay sale turned bust, I decided to spring for special. Amelia is wonderful to work with, and quickly came up with some designs based on my preferred colors and materials.

It may only be an ODS League show, but Lance is going to have some stuff to strut come November 8!


emma said...

oh man, sooooo jealous!! i drool over their website and pictures pretty much on the regular (and have picked out my designs and everything) but am on a self imposed spending freeze and just cannot justify the expense (reasonable tho it may be...). i hope you LOVE your browbands!!!!

Michelle said...

Emma, I am SO excited, and am sure I will love them! I haven't spent much money on horse stuff in the last few years (almost no shows, few lessons, few needs) so am allowing myself this luxury.