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Sunday, June 16, 2013

Crashing their party

This evening when we came home from our Father's Day activities, Rick said, "What are the horses doing out?" There were Sam and Lance, grazing the edges of the driveway. That it was those two meant one thing – well, two things: someone forgot to secure their stall latches, and  busy-mouth Lance had been hard at work taking advantage of that fact!

The barn was trashed; busted pallets, scattered hay, and other items kept in the aisleway strewn about. You would have thought they were a couple of teenagers who threw a party when their parents were out of town!

We put all four equines out on pasture and cleaned up the mess. I didn't feel bad at all about pulling Lance out for a ride later while everyone else continued to graze. ;-)

Schooling is going well; I keep our arena sessions short and sweet. I've bookmarked an ODS League show in Eugene on July 28 with the goal of showing competently at Training Level. I would also like to take him to the Mustang Show at the State Fair on August 28, but need to see what classes are offered. If nothing else I could show him in-hand; that would take some work with my busy boy!


thecrazysheeplady said...

Oh dear....

Mary Ann said...

Had to laugh at this, I'm glad nothing bad happened though. They look happy, don't they?