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Tuesday, January 28, 2020

Still quackin'

Since my last post we took a four day trip to WA for a high school basketball tournament. (We also put down a deposit on a puppy en route home; you can read all about that on my Boulderneigh blog.) It was dusk, raining and windy when we got home Sunday; even though the horses needed exercise I declined to brave the elements. I did curry and brush a very dirty, hairy, highly-charged filly, though; the friends who did chores said she was good for them so it must have been the wild weather.

That night's forecast predicted a lull early Monday before the monsoon beset us again, and sure enough, when I got up it was calm. So I scurried down to exercise Stella before going to work. Dodging rain + horse time + glorious morning sky = happy camper!
Since then, it has been doing mostly this:

Ugh! The constant rain is looking like it is going to take a break this afternoon, though, so hopefully I can get both horses exercised today. Lance and I can play 'pony express' and ride down the road to get the mail; Stella will have to splash-splash in the arena. Good thing she doesn't mind doing that in the least!


Michelle said...
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Michelle said...

I have no idea why that final sentence changes to tiny type! I tried to fix it but no go.

Jeanne said...

Does that creek flow through your property? It looks pretty full!

Michelle said...

There's no creek, Jeanne. Pictured is our driveway and the arena!