To ride dressage is to dance with your horse, equal partners in the delicate and sometimes difficult work of creating harmony and beauty.

Monday, April 4, 2022

"Normal" is a setting on the washing machine

Yesterday I rode for the third time in seven and a half weeks – I think that is my longest riding dry spell in decades. I was in TX for three and a half weeks helping my parents deal with my dad's terminal diagnosis, came home to one lambing crisis after another (and got in one short ride), went back to TX after two and a half weeks for my brother's memorial service, and came home again a week ago tonight to resume bottle/assisted feedings of lambs and playing catch-up in all other areas of my life, including getting back in the saddle. My first ride this week was another short check-in with Stella, and then yesterday we actually schooled – and my girl was so good! Today was a windy, rainy mess, so I'm shooting for another ride tomorrow. After that, I'm not sure; I have a little medical procedure on Wednesday, and my dad's on hospice....

I'd love to be able to plan ahead for some lessons and shows, at least the Oregon Morgan Classic that was Stella's 2021 debut, but prudence says to hold off scheduling anything for now. I've stopped wondering when life will get back to normal; I'll just ride when I can and treasure each opportunity.

In the meantime, Lance and Stella are getting regular turnout again now that I'm home. It's shedding season, so they really enjoy reciprocal grooming. It makes me happy to see them being friends. So that can continue outside the arena, I invested in a grazing muzzle for Lance. It looks rather draconian, but he accepted it without drama when I tried it on him this week, and it will allow him to spend much more time out on pasture. I did give him a few minutes of actual grazing; he does so love to eat!