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Sunday, May 16, 2010


I've been getting Russell out every other day for a short ride or hand-walking, as per our vet's orders. But the other horses are now getting out for a couple hours of grazing every afternoon, which Russell is NOT allowed to do, as per our vet's orders. Too much risk of re-injury at this point, if he busts some moves in the pasture. So he stays in, pining for his stablemates - and all that green grass.


Shula said...

Poor Russell to miss out on the grass. How long is he on stall rest for?

Michelle said...

His last ESW treatment was four weeks ago, but Rick hasn't taken time to do a follow-up ultrasound yet, so I'm not sure.

Karen said...

Do you go and cut or pick fresh grass for Russell? We used to do that for our horses when we were teenagers and the places we boarded them didn't have pasture. A great spring tonic:)

Michelle said...

Hi Karen,

I take him out on halter and lead rope to graze when I have time -- never ENOUGH time as far as Russell is concerned!

Karen said...

Yes, that halter grazing is time consuming. A good book helps though, been there done that:) Talking about this brought back a lot of old memories. Used to go to feed our horses before school (they were in a self board situation), and some mornings I would grab gloves and a big bucket or hay net and go and rip long grass off from the empty lot next door to feed to them. Every penny saved helps when you are a teenager:)
My verification word is 'trainess'. Is that the female version of a 'trainer'?:)