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Monday, March 7, 2011

At the show

Although Russell and I couldn't go to the ball, my friend Debbie represented Third Level well, showing Test 1 Saturday and Sunday. I was there to coach her on Sunday (thank goodness she did a little better that day, or I'd sure look bad as a coach!) and put in some hours volunteering. Being an early-season league show (named "Bears Above the Ground" for the woolly horses), most of the riders there were showing at Intro, Training and First levels. There was a delightful assortment of dancing partners; besides warmbloods and thoroughbreds there were Morgans, Paints, Arabs, Friesian crosses, two mules and a Percheron named T. Rex - hee!

I took a few photos while Debbie warmed up her lovely little TB mare Ivy; enjoy.

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TBDancer said...

I LOVE these "early season" shows because of the fuzzy horses (two organizations where I live have the Fuzzy Wuzzy shows--actually one is a playday--and there is a pony that has won "fuzziest horse" the last four or five years. NOTHING grows a coat like a pony!).

Debbie looks very nice schooling Ivy--a confident pair, each beautifully turned out. It looks like everyone had a good time. Loved the mule ;o) The braiding job on the Arab (?) was wonderful, too. I usually braid my TB when I show in schooling shows--because I do such a crappy job thinning and pulling his mane ;o) He has a gorgeous neck, so I can get away with thick, fat braids. A good post!