To ride dressage is to dance with your horse, equal partners in the delicate and sometimes difficult work of creating harmony and beauty.

Monday, September 17, 2012


Soundtracks for situations . . . earworms for animals . . . randomly surface in my psyche – and subsequently stick. Does that happen to anyone else?

I don't remember the first time Horton's song popped into my mind. The words have varied some, and have grown more affirming as he's made steady progress. The tune is Reuben and Rechel; the current version is something like “Horton, Horton, I've been thinking what a fine boy you will be, when all the balkiness has left to far beyond the deep, blue sea.” (BTW, I think he likes being serenaded!)

Recently an unexpected opportunity presented itself; total serendipity. Final details are still being worked out; if/when they are, I will tell the entire tale. For now I will just share the soundtrack.

Well, look who's coming through the doorI think we've met somewhere beforeHello love, hello love
Where in the world have you been so long?I've missed you so since you've been goneHello love, hello love
Make yourself feel right at homeI'll hope you plan on staying longCome in love, come in love
I must say I was sure surprisedYou're the last thing I expected byHello love, hello love
I've heard it said time and againYou'll often go back where you've beenI really didn't believe it was trueBut I left the door unlocked for you
I'll try to please you in every wayAssure you of a pleasant stayThis time love, this time love
I've been so blue since you've been goneNow you're back with me and nothing's wrongHello love, hello love
I've heard it said time and againYou'll often go back where you've beenI really didn't believe it was trueBut I left the door unlocked for you
It's wonderful now, you're back with meAnd things are like they used to beRemember love, remember love
You're back with me and my world's completeSo don't mind me if I repeatHello love, hello loveHello love, hello love(Copied from 


Anonymous said...

I used to often have an unbidden tune with made up words come when out riding alone. Words floated into my mind transforming into long ballads. The horses always seemed to enjoy it.

thecrazysheeplady said...


C-ingspots said...

Serendipity...aahh, yes! Perfect song for your distracted thoughts of the day. :)
So, there's this horse blog that I'd like you to check out. The gal's name is Kate. Her blog is called "A Year With Horses". It's my most favorite horse blog. Kate has 3 very different horses, and she's really beginning to grasp the true concept of riding with feel, timing and balance. Right now, she's especially growing in the "feel" department. THIS is precisely what truly good horsemanship is all about, and what Ray, Tom, Buck, Joe Wolter, David Rashid and all the (in my opinion) truly gifted horsemen practice and try to teach. Natural horsemanship is a bad description, but it's what most refer to it as...what it really is, is good horsemanship. Anyway, check it out Michelle. Kate is an exceptionally good writer, with a gift of explaining exactly what she does and what she means, so the reader can really picture and understand. It's really good, and I get super excited about riding almost every time I read her posts. If you could employ some, or more of these ideals into your'll make amazing strides and accomplishments. As my momma used to say..."mark my words". Check it out!!

C-ingspots said...

Perfect song! I just now listened to it...catchy little tune. My dad would have loved it. Exactly like the songs we used to sing together when I was a little girl. *sigh* I miss him so much...