To ride dressage is to dance with your horse, equal partners in the delicate and sometimes difficult work of creating harmony and beauty.

Tuesday, February 26, 2013


Having rides videographed is a great tool when you work by yourself the vast majority of the time. (I should find my old tripod and bribe my son to do this every once in awhile!) Between the videos of our rides and the score sheets from the show, I have some solid directives to work on in my schooling sessions with Lance, and it feels like we are already making progress. Better contact, better energy. With the show over, we're doing more canter work, and the improvements are carrying over into that gait as well. Before late last October (with Horton), I'd never shown a horse at Intro Level, and I don't intend to stay there long now. In fact, maybe just one more show....

Last night I was looking at local schooling/League show options on the Oregon Dressage Society website. There's a League show in Salem on March 10, and then nothing nearby until early May. Why not see how much progress we can make in two weeks?

I'm sending in my entry tomorrow.


Lori Skoog said...

Go for it!

Mary Ann said...

Oh, can't wait to go see what the last few days have brought with Lance!

Shula said...

Intro is ok for young and inexperienced horses and or riders. I dislike seeing people stay in it just for high scores though. Good luck at your next show!

TBDancer said...

I am just getting back into riding regularly. I have a lesson Sunday and have a feeling we'll be working on "walking" and "geometry." This particular instructor is a German national and she's all about "precision" and never fails to mention how clueless we Americans are about METERS ;o)

On Saturday, my dressage chapter is holding a schooling show at a beautiful facility--we hold two schooling shows and two California Dressage Society-recognized shows a year. We have nearly 50 entries and are going to be busy all day. Biggest show we've had in ages, too.

A friend is riding her youngster--he's four or five--in Training 1 and 2; she's not worried about his performance in the covered court. She's wondering how he's going to handle the warmup ring ;o) I'm scribing, so I'll anxious to hear about the warmup at lunch.