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Thursday, June 4, 2015

Throwback (to the future) Thursday

My first ride on the not-yet-mine handsome prince; September 2013

Alanna often does this Thursday feature, and I decided it would make a good opener for a catch-up post.

We got some rain, so this week I've been able to school in our arena again, after two weeks of road rides. Lance is also breathing normally this week, throwing a lot of suspicion on airborne pollens. Last Saturday we went out as a family, my guys on their bicycles and me on Lance. Lance was breathing hard after I lead him the short distance (uphill) from the barn to the house, and needed rest breaks on our ride around the hill. I was glad Rick got to see just how affected Lance was; he agreed that something was wrong. So when I indicated I was going down to ride in our now rain-watered arena Tuesday evening, Rick came down with his stethoscope to investigate further – but there was nothing to investigate. Lance's breathing was normal.

Anyway, I'm going to take a lesson with Julie again Sunday, along with Kate. It's supposed to heat up dramatically by the end of the weekend, so we are going to ride in the morning. Then I'll likely be back to road-riding until the next rain comes, whenever that is.

The following Sunday our Christian trail-riding club (and anyone who wants to join us to get the group rate; email me!) is meeting at Perrydale Trails. Kate is coming, so we'll have great fun together. We might even bug off to the beach the afternoon before, after I get home from church. My guys will both be out of town; while the men are away, the girls will play!


toastyyak said...

He's still such a handsome boy! I'm still looking for that specific citation. Sigh. But Lance continues to sound just like my Spice and her outdoor allergies that responded very well to Tucoprim. (sp?) I'm going to go back to the paper that I thought it was in and re-read it word for word. I know it was under the Immunology section of the textbook. :)

Meanwhile, it's so good to hear that you're both able to enjoy rides more often than not (it sounds like).


Alanna M said...

What time are you going to Perrydale Trails!? Is that on the 14th?

Michelle said...

Yes, Alanna, we're meeting at PT on the 14th at 11:00. If you come as part of our group, it's only $20, and there is no longer a four-hour time limit for the group. She's added a new trail, new obstacles, and a 50' round pen. Bring a lunch and your pony(s) and come join us!!

Michelle said...

Thanks for your efforts, Holly. Yes, we are still riding pretty much as regularly as ever, even if it's just down the road at the walk.

Alanna M said...

I'd love to go but 11 is a bit early for me due to church commitments. How long do you think you guys will be there?