To ride dressage is to dance with your horse, equal partners in the delicate and sometimes difficult work of creating harmony and beauty.

Wednesday, July 27, 2016


Between the weather (dry, whether cooler or hotter) and all the visitors coming and going this month, my riding has been limited to quick forays around our hill – through the woods, down the lanes, beside the vineyards. We school along the way, of course – lateral work, canter departs, rider position. I see shows come and go and know, without too much of a twinge – that now is not our time for competition. Will that time come again? I don't know; for now I am happy for any time in the saddle, for the training along the way, for improvement in our communication and partnership. Other blessings come as well.

During a recent ride we both heard a rustle in the underbrush up a bank on our left. What I could see looked like a deer struggling, and I worried one was caught in a fence or something. I dismounted and watched, finally realizing it was a doe with not one, not two, but THREE good-sized fawns all trying to nurse at once! I captured what I could (but couldn't get all three fawns in one shot):

On my next ride the views were just outstanding. The last of the evening rays gilded the valley,
then moved to the clouds above
before blowing a final rosy kiss to the east.
What gifts are mine!


Mokihana said...

What lovely photos!! I practically grew up on horseback, so I'm happy you posted a link to this blog. I miss the days of riding, so will gladly tag along with you!

C-ingspots said...

You're right Michelle, all so beautiful and blessings as well. Will miss you riding this weekend.
I was hoping for a small group of calm, relaxed horses to help ensure Eagle's comfort level (and mine), but alas it sounds like it's Wearners and us.

LannieK said...

What a beautiful ride! Triplets ~ amazing :-)

Michelle said...

I had no idea, Mokihana; a fellow horse lover! Welcome to my horse space. :-D

You know I'd love to be there, Lorie.

I was certainly surprised to see three, LannieK, and happy that the doe was in such good condition.

Maggie said...

Lovely post. How wonderful to see the mother deer with her babies! X

thecrazysheeplady said...

What a lovely ride with so many gifts. Thanks for sharing :-).