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Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Moving forward, slowly

Our air quality has been abysmal, with frequent warnings for the young, old, and those with lung issues to stay inside. I'm certain Lance would come in the house if I asked him to, but I'm also certain that our hardwood floor would suffer for it!

Still, his breathing hasn't gotten worse; there's just been some occasional coughing from the dusty conditions. Last week, when our air quality was at its visibly worst, we kept the horses in their stalls/paddocks a couple days so they weren't snuffling in the dust on TOP of the particulates in the air.

Friday evening a most refreshing coast breeze came up, and I just had to go for a ride. Lance had to stop and catch his breath often when faced with any incline, but it felt wonderful to be astride and I think he enjoyed it, too. Then over the week-end, Rick commented that Lance is FAT; I guess my preemptive efforts to keep his weight up have worked a little too well! So I eliminated the olive oil from his daily rations and determined that no matter how slow or short our rides must be, we would both benefit from getting back to routine exercise, and rode again Sunday evening. We were blessed with a beautiful sunset:

The specialist I consulted last week gave me the name and number of a veterinary dermotologist to contact. Fortunately, he has worked on horses and is willing to come out and do a skin test on Lance August 25. I am excited, and nervous; excited to see if testing gives us information to better help Lance, and nervous that the result may tell us that living in a different area would be the best option for him. I guess we'll cross that bridge when we come to it.


marlane said...

I think that it is interesting that Lance has just recently developed the breathing issue. What has changed for him that could be the cause.
Would acupuncture or acupressure be useful.

Michelle said...

Marlane, I think Lance has had this breathing problem for years, maybe since I got him. He has always been low-energy, and has had to stop on more strenuous stretches of trail rides. His dam has seasonal breathing issues, and we've learned that the sire has other offspring with breathing issues. and asthma can certainly have a genetic component. I was just slow to figure it out, until January when it hit me in the face, so to speak. No, I don't think acupuncture or acupressure is going to help.

marlane said...

Thanks for the reply Michelle wishing you the best in helping Lance.