To ride dressage is to dance with your horse, equal partners in the delicate and sometimes difficult work of creating harmony and beauty.

Wednesday, February 12, 2020

A day late but always timely

This was in my inbox yesterday. Wow; ten years ago. It doesn't seem that long since Courney King-Dye's accident, and I don't remember hearing about Sue Blinks' break-out win, but good for her. Thankfully, a lot of people have taken heed and now wear a helmet Every Time Every Ride. Sadly, every year there are still people who die or suffer traumatic brain injury just because they choose not to wear a helmet....

On Sunday I lunged Stella with saddle and stirrups again. Or rather, I hung on for dear life while she careened frantically around me, terrified of what was bumping along with her. There was no rating her speed; I tried reeling her in and almost lost my right thumb when the lunge line wrapped around it and tightened down as she sped away. Fortunately I was wearing my latex-dipped winter chore gloves and the glove finally pulled off and left my thumb attached.

Eventually, after she was completely winded and wet with sweat, I got her to walk and took a photo. See those terrifying, horse-eating stirrups???

So yesterday while the puppy napped we did it again. I did change out the girth to the Shoulder Relief girth, the saddle pad, and put the bridle on over her halter. The girth kept the saddle in place better than the straight one I had been using, and she handled the stirrups better, too.

I followed up that much more satisfactory schooling session with a very pleasant ride down the road on Lance. It was a good horse day!

Today I turned Stella loose to exercise herself, then brought her in and turned the boys out. While they played, I tied her up in her paddock where she could watch them while I curried and brushed her. Then I saddled her up again and moved the stirrups all around on both sides to help her see they were harmless. Eventually we just stood and watched the boys and breathed together until she finally relaxed and even seemed to enjoy my company a bit. TTT; Things Take Time.


Jeanne said...

I know she's going to be a great horse for you, but it's pretty obvious that it will take time. She's such a beauty, and I'm so happy that you have her.

A :-) said...

Any thoughts on how long it might take before you can physically ride her?

Michelle said...

Thank-you, Jeanne; I agree with you on all accounts! ;-)

Not a clue, A. :-/