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Friday, October 30, 2020

Another outing

Stella has had a light couple weeks as we were gone this past Wednesday-Sunday (details on the farm blog). Getting to be a bit more 'feral' for a few days at the same time the weather turned brisk has made Stella more reactive again. No worries; we've just gone back to some basics this week.

Lisa was going to come out and give us a lesson Wednesday, but when her plans changed to keep her at home she suggested I haul Stella to her place. Seemed like a good opportunity to expand Stella's horizons, so I loaded her up for her second trailer ride in two weeks and off we went!

We worked on basics in tandem with Lisa working a young mustang or other (she had two tied in their small covered arena), and then moved on to Stella's biggest bugaboo – things falling off her while moving. We used a coiled lariat, a loose rope, and an ancient English saddle sans girth before actually saddling her up with a Western saddle – which got very little notice. Then Lisa brought in Lance's daddy, 25-year-old Kiger stallion Dino, and I ponied her on a short trail ride through a pasture and tree lot with other mares, then led her through ground poles and over a 'bridge' several times. Dino was stellar while Stella was dyno-mite; sorry, couldn't resist, but it's true. 😊

At the end I rode her a bit in the arena. bareback with rope halter; Lisa says we'll be using a saddle soon. Stella is totally relaxed when I ride her; Lisa says it's her 'happy place.'

Next week Lisa and I plan to take our youngsters to Perrydale Trails and walk the courses with our horses in-hand (I'll get my steps in that day!). I was hoping to schedule another long-lining lesson with Suzan the next day, but rain is supposed to move in Tuesday night so that might be a wash-out.


marlane said...

What an amazing and educational experience for Stella. It is so interesting to see her coming along in her training. We went out for another trail ride earlier today. Each one is an improvement for Knight. We still can not believe that we found him.

Michelle said...

I am really happy with how she is coming along now, Marlane. May we both have long and beautiful relationships with our matching black Morgans!

Retired Knitter said...

She really is making progress!

thecrazysheeplady said...

You are doing a good job with her :-). Dino is sure handsome!

A :-) said...

She really is a beauty, Michelle :-) I loved hearing that you on her back is her happy place. I hope this means that you guys will be wonderful dancing partners as she trusts you more and more every day :-)