To ride dressage is to dance with your horse, equal partners in the delicate and sometimes difficult work of creating harmony and beauty.

Sunday, March 28, 2021

Spring things in the air

Ah yes, 'tis the season for pollen and horse hair. My eyes have been itchy and Lance has been struggling to breathe, poor guy; we've had to add dexamethasone to his meds to try and quiet down his heaves. Good thing I have another horse to ride!

That would be Stella, the shedding one, stepping up to keep my riding muscles in shape. We're still just walking around the arena, but the fact that I can saddle and bridle her and ride is pretty thrilling. Of course, we do that after she gets turned out to expend her youthful energy

and we check in with at least a little groundwork. Last night I rode her at dusk; it was our first warm spring evening and she was really good – even after Ollie snorted and she did a startle-squat!

Today was a different story. She pulled back hard a couple times when I was grooming her, and as I started to bridle her she exploded, bucking and plunging in her paddock. I have NO idea where that came from; she acted like a bronc that had just been girthed up for the first time. She almost came over me to get in her stall but thought better of it once she was up in my face; I was bracing to get trampled on again and was very thankful to avoid that since my thigh still isn't 100%. I was also afraid she was going to bust her beautiful bridle; I had the reins around her neck so when she jumped the bridle dangled off her side where she could have gotten a hind foot through the headstall (but didn't). After all that I decided that today might not be a riding day. It was blustery and cold with a lot going on on the hill noise-wise; a good time to just work on our partnership and try to land my kite. 😉

Lo and behold, after awhile her brain came back and I was able to get on for another walk!


marlane said...

Well done !!

Michelle said...

Thanks, Marlane.

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