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Tuesday, September 21, 2021

Waiting for eruptions

No, not behavioral ones; Stella continues to be reliably sane. If she doesn't get regular turn-out for some reason, she is definitely more energetic and tense, but never out of control. The eruptions I am waiting on, before scheduling another lesson, are the rest of her canine teeth. Suzan advised riding her bitless or on a loose rein until those come in and her mouth is more comfortable. Since I don't have a bitless bridle (my German hackamore doesn't qualify), I am riding Stella as carefully as I can to not aggravate her sore mouth. Stella is letting me know that I am mostly successful, and we continue to make steady progress, especially at the canter, riding 4-5 days a week. In our last four rides, she has picked up the correct lead and maintained the canter for several 20M circles with my verbal encouragement to keep going. Can you see my smile from there??? 😁

We got over two inches of glorious rain Friday night and Saturday, so for right now we get to ride in a dust-free arena. Sunday I turned her loose in it first to let off steam, as the pasture was still muddy and slick.
Hopefully I can record a dust-free ride with Pivo before the arena dries out again; I want to see us canter!

The farrier was here Monday. When he started trimming Lance, he noticed that Lance's right hock was really swollen:
By later that day, the swelling had progressed down the rest of the leg:

I had been gone Thursday through Sunday and Rick had cleaned stalls that morning, so I hadn't been in with Lance, but I still felt bad that I hadn't noticed. I kept the horses in a couple days to keep Lance from aggravating whatever he had done to it, but it wasn't until I turned him and Stella out Wednesday that the swelling finally went down. All that running....

But the next day it was swollen again – and Lance was lame. 😒

So we added SMZs (antibiotic) to his Bute (anti-inflammatory) on top of his meds for 'asthma' and 'diabetes,' and although he thinks we're horrid for ruining his mealtimes, the lameness has abated though some swelling remains.
Telltale signs that you're doctoring a horse


Retired Knitter said...

I love seeing them run together - friends! I remember when they weren’t.

Michelle said...

Elaine, not just friends – playmates! Or at least Stella wants to play, rearing up and pawing on Lance. I wonder if she kicked him playfully, causing his leg injury....