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Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Mustangs in the forest

Cowboy Campmeeting 2015 was a blessing; I'm glad we went! (And I'm glad we went for a shorter period; it was just right.) We had a very small group; I think many were scared away (as I almost was) by the heat (and it WAS hot), plus the location had to be changed fairly close to the event. I didn't get photos of them, but there were three other mustangs in attendance, all of them wild-caught and BLM-branded. Some of our group also caught sight of a wild herd that roams this area; I would have loved to have seen that! (I had to "settle" for deer and pronghorn antelope.)

There was so much green grass where we camped, and although it was hot during the day, it cooled off nicely at night.

Everyone knows watermelon is a great hot-weather snack
Lance and I got rides in Thursday, Friday, and Saturday; other than some coughing during our last ride, Lance was fine. Friend Laura hauled her horse up Friday morning for a ride; it was so good to see her again.

I'm going to try and squeeze a ride in this evening before flying out tomorrow morning for a week. When I return, I hope to be back in the saddle again more regularly, join Kate and Dinah for some outings, and take another lesson with Julie.


emma said...

glad it ended up being an enjoyable trip!

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