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Wednesday, April 22, 2020

I need to work on her modeling skills....

A couple weeks ago I got a promotional email from The Dressage Connection. Their ergonomic bridle designs caught my eye so I went to their website to look further. Not that I needed another bridle; I have an overabundance of models that fit Lance, who will never clinic or compete again, and one very pretty model for my as-yet-unrideable Black Beauty that I got at a local farm store back in January:
It isn't of the highest quality but is more than serviceable, and the price couldn't be beat. I wish it didn't have the flash attachment but I love that sparkly browband on Stella. The cavesson is a bit too big, but I'm pretty sure that could be fixed with another hole punched. (Unfortunately, our old leather punch doesn't have a small-enough 'puncher.')

Even on sale, most of the bridles were out of my price range for something I didn't need. But there was one model whose design and price caught my eye. It had a broad, padded monocrown, a comfort noseband (without the extra chin strap that I thought would be overkill on Stella's fine head), and decorative white stitching that added a touch of elegance. I decided to order it, figuring I would keep the bridle I like best and return or sell the other – but the website wouldn't let me complete the sale. So I called, only to learn that the cob size was out of stock. Boo. I left my name and number on the off chance that they got a return, and figured it wasn't meant to be. But a week later I got a call that a cob size had been returned! I handed over my credit card info, the bridle arrived on Monday, and I had to check it out right away:

(Stella doesn't understand the concept of standing back from me and striking a pretty pose; she wants to follow me and looks alarmed when I ask her to stay back). Size-wise, it fits her much better than the economy model, I think the design and padding will make it more comfortable for her, and the quality is definitely better, too. Now the question is, should I keep BOTH bridles? I've had broken bridles before, when it is nice to have a back-up. Which one do YOU like better? (I should add the flash attachment to the first one and take another photo so you can compare apples to apples....)

Yesterday was filled with taking my pup to physical therapy and sheep shearing, so I hadn't worked either horse. I could hear Stella self-combusting in her paddock, so I turned her out in the arena to play. Then I moved her to the pasture and turned the boys out in the arena to play.

They look huge and ponderous compared to Stella! I'm not sure I would have turned Lance out if I'd known the dust would be so bad, but the exercise did them good. We have been so dry this typically wet month; today it's raining, so YAY! Eventually they all settled down and I got a couple scenic shots:

Please do give me your opinion on the bridles; thanks!


Alanna M said...

I like the second bridle more than the first. Would you share the model with me? Uno may need a second bridle... :)

Michelle said...

It's the Simplicity, Alanna--but doesn't Uno need the cob size, too?

Terry said...

Tonka loves his Schockemohle ergonomic bridle. The cheek pieces in regular bridles are too close to his eyes. This one, like yours, brings it further down the cheek. The horses notice.

Retired Knitter said...

My opinion on the bridle? They are both nice - but what kept going through my mind was this ... she doesn't seem to mind all that stuff on her head and in her mouth - but she doesn't like anything touching her sides??? hahaha.

Michelle said...

Thanks for the confirmation, Terry!

Elaine, ha ha! Yes, I can see how that would be mystifying, but everyone has their quirks, eh?

A :-) said...

She has so much energy - I can hardly wait until you can actually ride her. I think you guys are going to be quite a team in the show ring :-)