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Wednesday, March 10, 2021

Back in the saddle(s)!

Just looked at my last post to refresh my memory; goodness, a LOT has happened since February 17! The next day I went back for that check-up (after getting my second COVID shot; hurray!), and the doctor pronounced me cured! He was surprised that I followed his orders; he said most patients don't. But because I did, the swelling was gone and I was released from all restrictions. The area is still a bit tender if bumped and twinges on its own occasionally, but that should go away eventually, although he said it may take six months for the surface numbness to go away . . . if it does.

So of course I went right back to working my horses. But first Stella got some turn-out time to let off steam after being cooped up because of my stall rest and the ice:

Sometimes I feel like I should – and could – just get on and start riding her, and 30-40 years ago I'm sure I would have. But between those moves and energy, and my age and working at home alone without the benefit of a round pen, it seems unwise. So I continued with all kinds of groundwork and ponying her off Lance . . . and got an idea. Why not have someone pony me on Stella off Lance? I mentioned it to my husband, who responded that he wouldn't trust Lance, so I turned to Lisa again. She thought my idea was a good one and agreed to come out to help me, so two weeks ago she did just that – and more! After ponying us for a bit and seeing how relaxed Stella was, Lisa unclipped her extra lead and I continued to ride beside her and Lance using the rope halter and its lead tied around as a loop rein. She did great and I was so pleased!

Before fast-forwarding to our next session with Lisa today, insert a little online shopping. At one of our long-lining lessons with Suzan last fall, she recommended a Nathe bit for Stella. I've looked on eBay off and on since then, trying to find a deal because they are expensive, and I hated to spend money on an unknown. Finally I texted Suzan; "How confident are you that a Nathe bit would be the best option for Stella?" Her response was "100% and if not I will sell it for you." Well! I hit the "Buy Now" button and it arrived on Monday!
Here it is, in place of the double-jointed snaffle I have been using for Stella. She wore it under her rope halter for ponying and groundwork yesterday,

with Lance's 'neck ring' rope as lightweight reins

and again today when Lisa came to help us again. I had already ponied Stella off Lance for ten minutes when she arrived, so we didn't do much more ponying before she turned us loose. After riding with her for awhile, she stopped and we rode circles around her and Lance, using the 'reins' along with the halter's lead rope to get her used to the bit in action. Stella was again very good, responding calmly to a squeeze of my legs to walk, gentle direct rein to turn, and a verbal cue plus body position to halt. Before long she grew more confident and started testing me a little, so we refocused with some turns and stopped on a good note. Stella's a smart mare; I'm going to have to keep things short, sweet, and interesting!

Here are some video snippets Lisa took of us, a couple of blurry screenshots from them – and a photo of our helpers. 😁 It really feels like we are making strides now after more than a year of baby steps. Lisa suggested tying Lance in the arena as a babysitter if I feel like trying to ride her alone. We'll see how that goes.


marlane said...

Good job and the bit is very interesting. We may have to get one for our Tandy.

Michelle said...

Herm Sprenger makes one that is either the same renamed or a rip-off; I had a hard time finding an actual Nathe. This one was brand new with tag and bag on eBay. I had never heard of such a bit before Suzan's recommendation.