To ride dressage is to dance with your horse, equal partners in the delicate and sometimes difficult work of creating harmony and beauty.

Friday, February 24, 2012

We're both rusty

I handed my camera to Brian yesterday while I rode Larry so he could shoot some video footage. None of the videos really turned out (operator error), but I saw enough to be unhappy with my posture. This is why regular instruction, or at the very least mirrors or a knowledgeable person on the ground are so valuable. Our perceptions can be so very different from reality! Granted, Larry's 2x4 body is a bit more challenging to balance upon than Russell's was (it would be easier if I were built like a 2x4 as well!), but that's no excuse. Part of the problem is that I've lost some of my core strength.

So when I rode this morning, I focused on bringing my shoulders back and down; stretching my neck and spine tall and straight by imagining a string from heaven attached to the top of my head; keeping my legs long and quiet and my heels down. I am also looking ahead to the end of March when Julie is in Oregon to housesit for her parents. Russell and I attended a couple clinics with her back in 2010 which were very beneficial, and in another four weeks Larry should be conditioned enough for more intensive work.

Every time I ride Larry it feels like he remembers more. At first he acted clueless about things I know he has been schooled in at some point, like reinbacks, leg yield and lateral work. His gaits are slooowly gaining some consistency. I just wish I could see some gain in his body condition score! Sometimes I call him "Larry the dairy cow" because of his prominent tailhead and hip bones....


Theresa said...

The filling out will come as I know you know. Since he's in work however light it may be he's not banking any reserves just yet like a horse sitting in pasture. Boy I wish I could send you all the additional pounds my guys have put on this winter. They are all looking like welsh ponies and just about as sassy.
I sympathize about having a narrow horse BTW, we have always referred to Nick as Narrow Nick and he is. It doesn't help that Cooper is so wide he's almost pigeon toed. I can put a dandy brush sideways down through his legs on his chest and have room to spare.

Michelle said...

Theresa, your horses can keep their pounds; I'd rather share some of MINE with Larry! (He probably prefer that, too - ha.)