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Friday, March 2, 2012

Peeved but prepared

Around noon I dashed out to take advantage of a break in the weather and get in a short ride before leaving on an errand, and the zipper of my left paddock boot failed. I wasted valuable minutes trying to fix it, and then trying to at least move it enough to free my foot. I love Ariat paddock boots, and the zippered ones are so fast and easy and never come untied in the middle of the ride, but doggone it, the zippers fail long before the rest of the boot wears out! For quite some time I've been wearing mismatched boots thanks to the blessing of the right zipper failing on my second (black) pair, and the left zipper failing on my third (grey) pair, but I knew they were on borrowed time. So awhile back I started looking for a deal on eBay, and scored a new-in-box pair (sans zippers) that have been waiting in the wings. At least they coordinate with my current mount.


Laura said...

You must be harder on Zips than I am. I have 2 pair of ariat zippered boots, both of them have had heavy use, but no failures (other than the gray pair turning out to be too big...).

Glad you found a replacement pair!

TBDancer said...

My foot is very narrow, and I find the Ariat "medium" more a "medium plus." However, I like the boots pictured. They look very comfortable.

Michelle said...

I've gone through at least three pairs of zippered Ariats, Laura, but I've also spent a lot of time in the saddle! Before Brian was born I was campaigning two at a time.

TBDancer, I have a fairly wide food and fairly high arch, and Ariats fit me to a T. These new boots are stiffer and less comfortable than my zips, but I'm hoping they will break in some.

Mary Ann said...

I love Ariats, and I like those lace ups! They DO match Larry!

Mary Ann said...

I love Ariats, and I like those lace ups! They DO match Larry!