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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Sidelined by sickness and snow

When last I posted, I was coming down with some sort of bug. At first I thought I just had a backache, but then realized that more joints and bones ached, and my lungs felt restricted. No big deal. I rarely get sick and never for very long. I was looking forward to Sunday, when Brian was going to be at a friend's all afternoon and evening and I would have plenty of quality time with Larry (and some with my husband!). But by the time Sunday morning rolled around, I wasn't even up to rolling out of bed. I was vaguely and miserably aware of the passage of hours, including some sunlit ones in the afternoon that would have been perfect for schooling, but was powerless to take advantage of them.

Throughout Sunday night the wind blew strongly, and was gale force by Monday morning. I felt considerably better and headed to the barn to do chores, turning Larry out while I did them. The idea of actually tacking him up came and went as fast as the branches flying off the big firs, and besides, it was starting to spit raindrops like nails and the power went out.

I thought Monday was to be the end of it but no; last night it began to snow. We woke up to four heavy, wet inches of the stuff, with flurries of more - sometimes mixed with rain or hail - through this morning and early afternoon. The arena is a sloppy mess, and probably pretty sucky like quicksand as well. I can only hope for better weather tomorrow!

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