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Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Free teleseminar!

I am on Jane Savoie's email list and enjoy the "Motivation by Moshi" nuggets of wisdom she sends out regularly. Last week she advertised a free teleseminar (via phone or web), so I signed up for it. I've been thinking about what I can do with Lance at the walk when I bring him home, and figured Ms. Savoie would have some helpful tips.

The teleseminar was yesterday at noon. I dialed in while driving back from working with Lance, and for the next hour and a half got a fantastic refresher course on training fundamentals! I took notes as best I could while driving and running errands, and hope to find time to listen to it again (and complete my notes!) while it is still available on the web (through Friday, here). Nothing earth-shattering or revolutionary, just good, solid fundamentals communicated clearly and logically – which is really all any of us need!

Encouraged and inspired, I utilized what I heard while riding Horton this morning. I'm sure my increased awareness of my own position helped, but there was more. First of all, there was only one brief moment of resistance when I picked up the reins. Then, after I had been warming up at the trot for awhile, I realized he wasn't falling in when tracking left – at all! That was a first, and my entire left side was thankful for the break.

The other day Rick mentioned that he'd talked to a colleague there at the conference who has done a lot of pelvic injections. That vet said to give it 10 days to two weeks before expecting to see improvement. I'm wondering if, at eight days out, we're starting to get some of that improvement!


Laura said...

Yay!! I liked the two video links you sent. I'll have to see about the webinar - I wonder how many gigs that will use up!!

Theresa said...

Great news! It's always nice to geta refresher in basics. I know I sure could use one. You get very lazy when you ride the same horses year in and year out, especially ones who have been there and done that 100 times over. Just caught up on Lance's post too. Such airs above the ground! :) Poor guy, it's so hard being in for a young horse.

TBDancer said...

I too enjoy Jane's Motivation by Moshi and the end piece by Indie (who sounds like a wonderful companion ;o). Missed the webinar but will try to get to the website before it all disappears. Jane has been a driving force behind really solid dressage basics for horse and rider for years and it's easy to see why she is such a popular motivational speaker and clinician.

Michelle said...

Probably a LOT. :-/

Michelle said...

ALL of us need refreshers! I, too, mostly ride by myself. No excuse for getting crooked or letting our horses give so-so responses, right?

Michelle said...

I hope you can listen to it, TBDancer; it was really good. No breed prejudice with Jane; I love that.