To ride dressage is to dance with your horse, equal partners in the delicate and sometimes difficult work of creating harmony and beauty.

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Today's haul

Tummy and rump tickles still effective. Because I had limited time, I just got on and rode this morning. Horton was a little sticky trotting left, never getting consistently soft and forward, so I didn't ask for canter. Reinbacks are definitely straighter. And Horton gave me another piece of the puzzle. Actually he gave it to me yesterday as well, but confirmed it today.

Horton is a pooper. I think he has pooped every single time I have worked with him, sometimes two or three times – while I'm grooming or tacking him up, while I'm leading him out to the arena, while I'm working him on the lunge line or under saddle. Yesterday he didn't poop once while I was around. I thought maybe it was a fluke; maybe he had pooped just before I started grooming him. But he didn't poop again today, so this is definitely something the hunter-gatherer in me noted. I think it indicates that he's not stressing as much over – what? anticipated discomfort? At any rate, I think it's positive.

Off to Lincoln City to walk Lance!


Theresa said...

Two wonderful horsey days in row! I also love watching and feeling for reactions, new stuff etc. Interesting on the pooping, I would also assign it to nerves or lack there of now! I got my little red steed out and back just before the snow started. It was a light ride, he hasn't been out since the beginning of September, but acted the gentleman and frankly, felt quite supple for a horse that has been sitting around. Glad you are getting to see Lance more and time spent on ground lessons is never wasted. A horse that is polite on the lead rope is a must have in my book. Lucky Lance to have such a wonderful person to start his training journey with!

Michelle said...

Well, all of Horton's poop apparently went to Lance, who didn't poop – he WAS a poop! He begrudged me his obedience; oh, how he wanted to bite or play with the lead rope or leap and buck! I just keep reminding myself that he's a pent-up four-year-old, though; this, too, shall pass.

Theresa said...

Oh MY! Well, what can you expect. It is so hard to keep the young ones ( and old ones too) quiet after a long enforced rest. And it has been long for him. You know when I wanted to exercise my youngsters ( 1-3 years) and didn't want to do endless circles, I would enlist Gene and his PU truck, sit on the tailgate and we would drive slowly down all the BLM roads across the street. All dirt, lots of hills and no endless circles to bore them. It worked out well actually. Maybe one of those more experienced horses in your barn can do duty to pony Lance or even at his present digs?

Michelle said...

I don't have another adult to enlist the vast majority of the time, unfortunately; It's hard enough to lasso Rick to do my vet work! So I mix it up as much as I can while leading; we don't just do endless circles. And once I have him home where I can be more consistent, I expect to be able to walk him under saddle in and out of our little arena.